Do you still use a diary? 
Glucly is always at hand and measurement is inserted within a minute.

Your diabetes under control with Glucly

Glucly is a mobile application for diabetics. It monitors and evaluates entered measurements and additional information that have an impact on diabetes. Statistics and graphs can be shared directly from the application with your doctor or whoever you need to.

Day time

It is important when your measurement is taken. In the application you shall determine if measurement is done after or before a meal, during breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Specify if measurement is taken before bed or after waking up. You can check how good sleep affects sugar level.


If any medicine was taken during a day, write it down when entering measurements. Thanks to that you will find out how regular use of medicine affects your condition. Set a reminder not to forget to take your medicine.


Record the length of any physical activity before measurement to realize how it impacts your blood sugar level.


When taking measurements, enter how you feel into the app. Monitor your feelings regularly and check if the treatment helps you.


When treating diabetes your weight is very important. Enter your weight together with measurements into the app and check the progress over time.

Export for Your Doctor

Export data from Glucly and share them easily with your doctor. Choose period of time directly in the app and then just send the link via e-mal or message. Your doctor will click on link and open it as a webpage or PDF or it can be printed out.

About Glucly

Glucly is very easy and user-friendly mobile application for tracking and managing diabetes treatment. Glucly can be used to monitor any type of diabetes.

 Application evaluate additional information when entering the blood sugar measured values. Enter values regularly – if freshly woken up, how long you have been doing exercise, if you have taken your medicine and which finger you have used for measurement. Simply everything that can have an impact on measurement.

Based on entered information, Glucly will create statistics and well-arranged graphs. It makes easy to realize how different factors affects your blood sugar level. Regular measurements will help you to revel what specifically works for your treatment and what does not.